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Activity: Film Screening & Debate

Location: Vitoria – Gasteiz, Araba

Description of Activity: Screening and debate. The 82-minute documentary La Epopeya Industrial Vasca (The Heyday of Basque Industry) will be screened and afterwards the architect and critic Iñaki Uriarte will contextualise the presence of industrial heritage in Vitoria. The activity will end with a debate led by the director Antonio Cristóbal and Iñaki Uriarte on making this heritage and history available to the general public.
Synopsis of the documentary: “150 years of success, but also of failures. Of ups and downs, of triumphs and crises, but above all, of a joint effort and determination to make headway that has placed the Basque Country at the level of other European countries. Since the first modern companies began to replace ironworks in 1843, industry in the Basque Country has never stopped growing and changing”. A documentary directed by Antonio Cristóbal, with scripts written by the financial journalists Charo Ponte and José María Gutiérrez Robredo.

Languages Available: ES

Dates: 21 November 2018

Time: 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm

Length: 150 min.

Recommended Registration:

Meeting Point: Bibat Auditorium (Fournier de Naipes Museum and Archaeology Museum). C/ Cuchillería, 54,Vitoria-Gasteiz, Araba


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